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Thursday, April 20, 2006

"I'm a Smartypants!"

Yesterday, Miss E and I had a very funny conversation:

We were walking down the street, home from the bus stop, with O in the stroller. E was doing her version of the Ministry of Silly Walks:

Me: Miss E, you are a goon.
E: I am not.
Me: Yup. You're a goon.
E. I am not a goon.
Me: Yes, you are.
E: I'm not a goon.
Me: Well, then, what are you?
E: I'm a smartypants!


J had a playdate with one of his annoying friends, and the ever-awful SB got invited along. Apparently SB was taunting J to the point of tears. I can't even begin to describe accurately my dislike for this child. And disliking a child really does rub me the wrong way. I want to like him. (I also want him to go away and leave J alone!)

I frogged the "training mitten" and have embarked upon the "real mitten." Photos when it looks like more than a tube.

I shined my sink last night. I'm a believer.

Also, I have a migraine settling in, so I'm going to stop playing computer, and rest for a while.



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