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Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's May!

I know it's been May for 4 days now (look out Boston, all the Plastic Paddies head south of the border for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow), but we've had gray skies and rain, which puts a damper on life with kids... So today, O and headed out along the River Charles to check out the playground up at the Mass Ave Bridge.
Good times! O harassed squirrels, I got to walk for an hour in the sunshine, O played on the structure (remember when they were called "jungle gyms?"), and I smiled smugly in order to fit in with the other Back Bay moms/caregivers. O got home, ate lunch, and zonked out, leaving me time to hit the treadmill and the showers before blogging. Life is.... GOOD!
Except for this tree:

This poor tree has always looked a bit craggy and gnarly, but it's had a rough winter, and that makes me sad... J and I used to play near/on this tree when he was little like O, back when his family lived up in the Back Bay... At least it's still got its dignity.. the MDC hasn't called in the butchers with the chainsaws yet...
Tonight's a long night for me. Mrs. X is working late, and Mr. X is taking J to the Sox game, so I'm staying until 9ish with E & O. Bedtime is fun, right?


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