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Monday, June 05, 2006

A liger?

I was pointed to this link via an email from my uncle.... All I can think of is Napoleon Dynamite. Seriously, I'm like, "It's a liger!" and I hear Jon Heder's voice. It's just wrong.

Ah, I couldn't stop there, so I hit the random button... tales of german being the official language of the fledgeling USA (false) and polite Japanese bankrobbers (true) abound. Joy!

Our weekend was pleasant. I touched up some paint in the DR, made dinner for us, and my cousin S and his wife, D. Incidentally, their son, C, has the tastiest brains this Brainsucking Cousin C has ever tasted! Mwah ah ah ah! Sunday, I took Maurice to the dog park for a little while, and we took advantage of the lull in the rainy day to grill some yummy venison sausage and Mark's delicious burgers with the ever-fabulous L&T. Why they like us I'll ever know, since we are incurably dull. Mark was sleepy and I was vaguely headachey due to overindulgence the night before on Chuck Shiraz.

Back to work... J's on a playdate, E's having some quiet playtime, and O's finally napping - it took all day to get him there.


Blogger Rian said...

Your friends have boring names. All of them! One letter each! It's creepy!

6/5/06, 9:13 PM  

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