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Monday, October 23, 2006

Project Porch

For those of you still waiting for the finished dining room pictures, you'll need to keep waiting. Currently, there is a couch in our dining room, awaiting being given away to friends of friends.

However, while excavating the newly demolished west side of the house, Mark discovered that the sill is rotting there, too. The problem? you ask. It's twofold, you see, first, the sill is rotting. Hello! Then there's the four-ton poured-concrete front porch preventing him from getting to the rotting sill. Yeah. What kind of dummy pours a concrete porch? ::Sigh::

So, yesterday, Mark took down the badly constructed front porch roof and started investigating the concrete. The neighbors hate us.

The is the house as it was. Note the trio of windows on the first floor left side.

This is the house yesterday.
Note that the windows are larger on the left - that's the gun we jumped.
As of 6PM, there is a big blue tarp covering the front of the house until Mark can patch the holes in the sheathing.

Ack! Daylight! Holes in the sheathing!

Mark is basically my hero, even if sometimes I become a nagging harpie and whine about living in a contruction zone. Cause it's actually really interesting. And it'll be nice when we're done!



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