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Friday, September 29, 2006

Catch Up Post for Fibby

In the past three days alone, the big kids and I have discussed when I might have a baby and what the potentaial repurcussions of that might be, why grown ups swear when they know they shouldn't, and how to construct the perfect omelet. Seriously, my brain is taxed.

And for those of you upping your bets on my reproductive calendar, knock it off! We're not pregnant now, nor are we trying now. ok?

It was kind of funny to be talking it over rationally with a 7 year old was concerned that I might stop being his nanny if I did have a baby...

I've been knitting like a fiend, working on a new project, which I completed yesterday. It's a surprise, so y'all'll have to wait until I've given it away before I can post pictures. Rest assured, it's a masterpiece! I had to frog my Grandma Purl square, on account of the yarn being part synthetic. So, I still have that to do, and I have finish last spring's mitten to finish before the October evenings get truly chilly. Autumn moved in quickly this year, despite the pockets of temperate weather. Has anyone checked the OFA for a prediction for winter?

Wednesday was a bad day for driving in Boston. On our way home from an impromptu lunch at the playground near school with a whole bunch of the kids classmates, I dropped Jack with a friends, and a jackass in a big Caddy SUV nearly hit Jack's friend's dad and their dog, and when the dad yelled at him, he stopped, rolled down his window and swore like a fiend. When I interrupted and politely asked him to tone it down because of the kids, he said, "Fuck you!" and peeled off, with the dad yelling, "Piece of shit" as the Caddy sped away. Emma was just getting over the shock, and the discussion of grown up behavior, when , as we crossed Charles St at Chestnut, a Trolley Tour trolley ran a red light and very nearly broadsided us. The duty cop stopped at the intersection hit his horn. Hit his horn. No flashers, no pull over... Boston's Finest, my left foot! Had I been the one who ran the light, I'd be in court by next week. God forbid the city's tourists be interrupted by idiot driver's nearly killing people.

Tomorrow I have luncheon with the family in celebration of my cousin's impending nuptials, floowed by a thrilling night babysitting for J, E, & O. What a life I lead. Can't stop the rockin, you know?

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Blogger phoebe said...

Yeah... I was actually in a cab once in SF where we were speeding and passed a car that was going "too slow" (the speed limit) on a windy road. We were all fearing for our lives, and saw that as the cabbie had passed the car (in a no-passing zone, mind you), he also passed a cop car parked there, looking for speeders. We were all relieved that this guy whose cab we were in would get pulled over, and we would no longer be about to die, but the cop did NOTHING.

Same as you, MOMP, I know that if it had been ME driving that car that passed the other car, the cop would have pulled me over in a heartbeat. Think the cabbies and tour trolley drivers have some sort of payoff deal with the cops in these cities???

(thanks for the posting - it's nice to hear from you!)

Phoebe :-)

10/4/06, 8:30 AM  

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