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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Maurice's First Birthday, the Capital Grille, and He Who Must Not Be Named

Too impoverished to take your Pug out for a fancy gourmet birthday dinner? Just try lunch!

Today is Maurice's actual birthday. He's one. Or so the breeder says. We had some folks over on Sunday for pre-Labor Day, and apparently Maurice felt it was his party:
Then, on Monday, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather, and drove down to Providence with the Pug to explore for a few hours. We walked the RISD and Brown campuses, the trendy blocks of Thayer St, the East Side, and Downcity before collapsing on a park bench across from Waterplace. We were hungry. Maurice was pooped. We needed a nice patio dining area that wouldn't mind our 20 pound dog sharing our space. So, of course, we walked the few remaining feet to the Capital Grille.

Maurice perused the menu, but ultimately ended up sharing Mark's dry-aged sirloin and my lobster and crab burger, as well as some heirloom tomato chunks in a balsamic reduction.

Now where does the Dark Lord play into all this? Excellent question, gentle reader!

You may all remember that my iBook is still on the injured reserve? Yes, well, that cramps my photo style a bit, since our PC at home is a great hulking dinosaur that doesn't love interfacing with my Nikon. So, all these pictures have come to you after hours of grunting and swearing and sweating... (Eeeew) By the computer!!!

About three days after The Day the iBook Fell, I was stuck in traffic on Storrow Drive behind a political bumper sticker that looked like Bush/Cheney or some other kind of Republican foolishness... until I really looked at it:

I've been waiting for months to share that. Months!

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Blogger dasein668 said...

Best. Picture. Ever.


9/6/06, 9:25 AM  

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