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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some Jumbly Thoughts

So, when I leaped from the bed this morning (after the fourth snooze), I deemed my back healed enough to attempt a workout today - timely, since I can literally feel my ass spreading. I'll be getting to that in about an hour, once O's gone down for a nap.

The Boston Magazine's "Back to School" issue came out recently, and I was checking out their rankings of area private schools, as I am a product of one, and know many alums of similar schools. Turns out they rated my alma mater as the best school for mathletes. Y'all, I was on the math team for a few semesters.... and anyone who knows me understands that this is foolishness. Apparently their standards are higher than they were fifteen years ago. (Incidentally, so is the tuition...)

I may have neglected to mention my recent foray into beauty school as salon... Being sans petty cash these days, I decided to try out the local beauty school for my much needed haircut. Well, Blaine, thank you! I have almost seven inches less hair, cute layers, and just a little bit of easy style again. It's no trip to see Anthony at Runway, but it's pretty great for where I am now.

Two days ago I recieved email from Paypal indicating that my jerkface of a seller had initiated a refund. I can see it, pending there in my account, but so far, no complete transaction yet. It's killing me. I miss my computer to the point of pain. I've priced out another external drive, but I'm forcing myself to wait for the money to be safely back in my bank account before I spend it again. Damn my principles.

It's been cold in Boston lately, and clammy to day, insult to injury. It's making me think about taking up my knitting needles again. I haven't finished the pair of mittens I started in March, I wonder if there's still hope?

OK, must strap on my resistance bands and see how my back is really feeling...

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