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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Barbie, Chocolate Rice Cakes, and a Perfect Night's Sleep

Barbie: Miss E has been very into her Barbie doll in the last few days, so, as a treat, I unearthed my long-unused trunk of Barbie and Ken and their fashions of the late eighties. Oh, Lord, the lamee and sparkles, the neon colors! E had a field day - she was most impressed with a strapless formal gown that was gold lamee drop-waisted with gold and electric-melon lace skirt (long hem in the back, short hem in the front), and electric melon trim, with matching stole. ::sigh::

Rice Cakes: I heart chocolate rice cakes! They taste like chocolate, but they don't pad my hips like chocolate!

A Perfect Night's Sleep: last night, I was in bed by 10:15 and slept until 6:30. The windows were open and the fans were running and our room was a dry 68 degrees. I was toasty in bed, and didn't wake up once. Perfect!

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Anonymous Laura said...

We're doing dim sum at China Pearl on Sunday at 11:30. Wanna join us? The more people you have, the more fun it is!

7/21/06, 4:45 PM  

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