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Saturday, July 08, 2006

I Am Not A White Hat Girl

But I bought this just before graduation. I think I have work it four times since then.

And here I am, wearing it, because it keeps my pesky hair out of my eyes while I'm weeding my yard.

I have let the borders of our driveway go for far too long, and the weeds have allowed my resident Tweedlebug population to go native. I'm quite sure I've heard tiny milk cap drums and seen them carrying small woodland animals off for sacrifices. I caught this one hiding in my hosta:

After an hour and a half of weeding I've gotten up one side of the driveway and across the top. Now I'll do the other side and the front hedgescaping (courtesy of the last owners - love it.....) I've already filled these two trash barrels. Maybe I ought to weed more often?

The upside is that I have The Most Helpful Pug tied up out here to keep me company, and it keeps him out of the house, and a little bit busy. Always a good thing, since his other title is The Naughtiest Pug.

Now back to those weeds, since I've had my little lunch and killed some time. Wait for the painting tomorrow!



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