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Friday, July 14, 2006

Why I Love My Job

So, the monkeys had their last day of tennis camp for the session (Don't panic, people. they're going back next week!) I dropped them off, and O & I headed back to Beacon Hill for a second breakfast (O is on the Winnie the Pooh diet), and some choice laundry folding before heading over to the wading pool on the banks of the River Charles. Blue skies, hot sun, breeze off the water, and babies in a wading pool. ::sigh::

We toddled home for lunch (cold cuts, cheese, and fresh strawberries), then packed up to pick up J&E. We all went to the splash deck/playground on Soldier's Field Road for a while, got wet, had ice cream from the Truck, and played at the playground before coming home for little O's nap.

That has been my work day. My work day. Y'all are so jealous.



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