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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Les Vacances & A Bucket O' Problems

I haven't been working this week, which translates to "I've been working around the house this week." The kids are away with their parents, so there's nobody there for me to nanny. My favorite kind of week.

We're starting the next phase of the demolition on Saturday, which should be fun, since I'll be far far away in Maine with my godson for his birthday. In preparation for that, though, I have to get the house clean, and all laundry done, since we'll be unhooking the laundry machines for at least a week (maybe two!).

After being ill all of the week before last, missing two days of work, and visiting my Dr. twice before getting a proper diagnosis, last Wednesday I stepped off my front porch and threw out my lower back.

Don't ask. I soldiered through work all week, and managed a slow dance at Alta's wedding, and now, finally, it's down to a small twinge on the lower left side. Suck.

And now for The iBook Update, with your host, The Ebay Fraud Victim! Yep, I got hosed for $72 by a guy named Michael Ptacek, of somewhere in NY. He took a whole lot of people's money apparently, and bailed, since he's now racking up Paypal and Ebay disputes and claims and negative feedback. So, I have to hope that Paypal find the claim in my favor, and I get my $$ back. In the meantime, I now have &-72.00 and no external drive. Off to shop for another one... Hoo-fuckin'-ray!

Time for breakfast. I should maybe never blog before AM calories...



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