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Monday, August 07, 2006

Keepin' His Banana Hand Strong!

This morning, O&I headed to the supermarket after dropping the big kids off at Day Camp. We did our shopping, and lined up at the register. O
s a social guy, and he always chats it up with the cashiers and baggers, and today was different. He was babbling away with the bagger, as the cashier rang up our bananas. I snagged one off the belt after they'd rung through, and peeled it for O, who had been whinging about them earlier. He starts munching on his banana, chubby little toddler fist wrapped tight around it, and the bagger, a middle aged black man, says, "That a good banana, brother?"

O smiles a banana-filled smile and says, "Mmm hmm!"

I pay for the groceries, and we collect our things. As we pull away from the bagging area, the bagger says, "Bye bye, now. You keep that banana hand strong, brother!"

I nearly choked trying not to laugh out loud.

Lord, I love urban grocery shopping with kids. That just doesn't happen at my suburban Stop&Shop.



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