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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

y = 81 Minutes

OK, so here's my house. Here's the gas station. They're almost that close.

The garage where I park my car while at work is 23.6 miles from the gas station (I zeroed it out when I filled up this morning.).

I left my house at 6:58 AM, pulled into the gas station at 7:00, pulled back out into traffic at 7:08, and arrived at the garage at....

8:19 AM

Somewhere in all of this is a very scary algebra problem from high school, involving trains, schedules, and Omaha, but I was not a math scholar, so I do not know the answer.

O was cranky today. And when I say, "cranky," I actually mean he was behaving as though he bore the weight of the world on his 18 month old shoulders. His Nana took him to baby gymnastics class and he had a tiny panic attack. He freaked out on our walk in the park, and he whined though most of his lunch. By the time I got him fed, settled down for a nap, and myself fed, I checked my messages only to discover I'd stood an old friend up for lunch.

Bloody frigging brilliant.

On the upside, I tried on a pair of pants from last winter that were ... ummm.... snug when last I wore them, and they're not snug anymore, so that's good, right?



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