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Friday, September 08, 2006

Baby Pee and Other Friday Concerns

Oh, what a day...

It starts early - between 8:15 and 9:15 AM, O climbed up on the window seat in the living room and got into the diaper basket; from there he found a tube of Bacitracin and squeezed it up his nose. Next he emptied his Mom's purse, and used her red pen to decorate his face - permanent ink! Finally, he peed on me.

Next: I had to go to Chestnut Hill to pick Miss E up from school at 11, so we got bagel sandwiches for lunch in Natick and ice cream in Southborough, before stopping to check on poor Maurice, who's been pooping his brains out for days - after effects from his birthday? Bad grass clippings? Who knows.. anyway, I got to clean up a penful of dog poo and the pack E&O back into the Volvo, so we could pick J and his friend Ellie up at school at 2:30. Now, with four kids in the car, we head back to Beacon Hill, only to discover that Beacon St is under construction. 45 minutes later, we're back home, and the kids are bouncing off the walls. Ack!

And, I'm babysitting for the younger two tonight until 10. Long night...

On the good news front, Paypal and Ebay have finally finished reviewing my case, and I got all my money back. Now, I can actually buy a drive to back up my iBook. I really can't wait, even though the repair costs are going to break me. I might actually get my iBook back by the autumnal equinox!

Since, I got all the pictures from the camera onto our PC, look for some renovation updates in the very near future.

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