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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Green Cake and Flowers

Nine days since my last posting. It's been a hairy 9 days. Good, overall, but I think I'm still tired from the weekend.

Last Friday I had one of those days where you look at the stack of bills and think, "How did this happen?" Then you realize that there is a light at the end of tunnel and that you're actually OK, and the headache starts to fade. Then you spend the weeked getting two of your close friends all married off and it's just fabulous.

L&T got married on Sunday, cake by Cameron's Cakes, ceremony performed by the Reverend Mark. He did beautifully and the cake was yummy - and green. Sadly, the cake had to be assembled on site, and the Museum of Transportation doesn't allow flash photography, so all the pictures are a litle dim. Maybe the photographer got a good one? The ceremony itself was lovely, on a hillside, under a big old oak tree, with the sun setting behind the newlyweds... ::sigh:: Yay weddings!

The week has been good. I think I'm finally caught up on sleep - we had a few late nights what with the wedding and all. The kids have been tired from school, and Owen's been crankier than usual, but it's kept me really busy, and I can't complain - when I'm busy the work day passes quickly.

Just about time to get the big kids from the bus... I'm staying late tonight, since Mom&Dad have a meeting at their school tonight, so I've got to get some foolishness out of their systems early...



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