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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ships in the Night; or Why I'm a Dummy

So, last night I was meant to meet an old friend for dinner in Jamaica Plain. I usually work until 7, and it's 7:15 before I'm in my car and driving home, so I arranged to meet her at 7:45, thus giving myself plenty of time to get out to JP, park, and walk to the restaurant.

What I didn't anticipate was that Nana and Poppy were coming over to watch the kids while Mommy and Daddy went to "Math Night" at the kids' school. They almost always let me leave a little early, and last night was no exception.

No problem, you say, just call your friend on her cell phone and say, "hey, I'm running early. Let's meet at 7:15."

Except that due to a lost phone charger, my cell phone had been down for a few days, and so I hadn't bothered to get her cell number. I wasn't figuring I'd even be able to use it. We'd been making plans via IM and email.

I got to Bukhara a half hour early, and killed some time cleaning out my purse and reading in my car in the parking lot. Then I headed inside to get a table. From 7:30 to 8:15 I waited, reading, drinking water, and munching papadums. At 8:15, I was firmly convinced she wasn't coming - maybe she'd taken an after work nap and forgotten to set an alarm? So, I abandoned my table, ordered some Murg Tikka Masala to go, and waited for my food at the bar.

I left at 8:30, and headed out to route 9 for the half hour drive home. Just as I was pulling into my driveway, an unknown number popped up on my ringing phone. It was was my friend, calling to find out where I was. Turns out she got there a little after I did, but still early, and figured I wouldn't yet be there, and she could catch me on my way in. She never came inside to check, and I never went outside to check, and we were all of twelve feet apart all night. The best/worst part? I left via the back door, which was closer to my car. Had I just gone out the front, I would have at least seen her. Pah!

I guess we're really both dummies, but still.

At least the takeout was good!



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