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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Two Observations

Money Can't Buy You Manners

On Saturday, I had to drive to Needham to look at a couch that one of Mark's clients was offering to us. To get from our hovel in Framingham to the pleasantly upper middle class neighborhood where Mark was working, I had to drive through Wellesley. Home of Wellesley and Babson Colleges, home of million dollar starter homes, home of Ming Tsai's restaurant, Blue Ginger (yum), home of Jaguar dealerships and pricey children's photography. This is the kind of town that ought to be in tony Westchester County, NY.

I was driving down Washington Street, a fairly main drag, and watching my speed (I have a healthy respect for small town cops), all the while looking out for my turn. It turns out I was a little lost, but that's another story. I was on Washington Street for no more than five miles overall, and about 15 minutes. During this process I was cut off, cut in front of, and pushed out of my lane no less than 7 times by people driving the following: Jaguar, Mercedes, Lexus, Volvo, Volvo, BMW (the worst kind of driving assh*le), Mercedes.

You might think that the wealthy people who were out and about in their picturesque New England town on a beautiful October morning, behind the wheels of their luxury sedans and urban assault vehicles, would be inclined to love life and their fellow driviers. Actually, they apparently feel more entitled than usual.

Privileged Kids Get Head Lice, Too

Lest you assume that head lice is only for the unwashed masses, I offer you this:

This morning, arriving at work, I was greeted by a postcard from the kids' posh day school. The card had actual size pictures of head lice and nits. Nice, huh?

Turns out rich kids are dirty, too.

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