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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Long Live the Gilmore Girls!

I usually leave the TV related posting to Legally Blonde, but I'm a huge fan of Stars Hollow, CT, and its odd inhabitants, and I'm feeling a little adrift at the thought of an empty Tuesday evening...

I haven't felt this sad at a shows demise since the the series finale of West Wing, which feels like a million years ago (although, if I'm being honest, I did get a little weepy when the Doctor had to say goodbye to Rose at the end of this last season of Doctor Who...)

I will say this, it was just about the best ending I could imagine. Bittersweet, not taking itself too seriously, and still full of the quick wit and utter foolishness that I've always loved about the show. I may also forever be scarred by the idea of a Babette, Maury, Lorelei sandwich. Heeheehee...



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