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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where Is That Pesky Spoonful of Sugar?

I know this is an old refrain, after the Steve Guttenberg post of two weeks ago, but I am freshly annoyed by my Arch Nemesis: The Housekeeper!

(This is all so Upstairs/ Downstairs ... seriously, the drama between the housekeeper and the nanny to which the entire family is happily oblivious? Sheesh. I embarrass me.)

O loves the vacuum cleaner. Loves. It. So when the housekeeper has the vacuum out, he always wants to do some of the vacuuming. Imagine here a 3 foot tall toddler wielding a Miele canister vac like a seasoned pro... Anyway, today, she told him he had to finish his lunch before he could play, because she saw three pieces of hot dog left on his plate. What she didn't know was, I had made him 2 hot dogs and he'd eaten half an ear of corn on the cob already. I had told him that he was all done, cleaned him up, and let him get down from his chair to play. She insisted he finish all his hot dog, and so he came into the dining room looking like he carried the weight of the world, and pointed at his hot dog, then the vacuum. I said, "Are you hungry?" He shook his head no, so I popped the 3 pieces of hot dog in my mouth, and said, "All done!" just to get her off his back.

I know I should say something. I know secretly whining about her in my blog isn't up to my strong, Aries woman character, but it's not like I'm out to get her fired or anything. Also, I'm the messenger between her and the Bosses, since they never see her, so, that's awkward.

I'm trapped by my own lack of confrontation skillz. It's brutal.

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Anonymous Laura said...

Ok, my confrontation skills tend to include explosives, but here goes an attempt at a polic reponse you might use:

"I've noticed that you keep track of how O eats. I appreciate your help, but could you please check with me before you tell O that what he has done is not ok? It's very confusing for O when I tell him that he is done and you tell him that he isn't. I *am* watching his eating habits, but I have all day to make sure he eats right, while you are only here for a few hours.

I don't criticize the work that you do, and I don't understand why you would do so to me."

If this doesn't work, call me. I have it on good authority that it doesn't really take 4 pipe bombs to blow up a car. But you know, it's more fun that way....

5/17/07, 1:11 PM  

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