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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Achey Breaky Tooth

Woe is me!

So, last week, my #19 molar (so says Dr. Tevyeh Dines, my new Endodontist) was very sensitive to cold and some chewing and just generally sore. Not being an alarmist, I took a Tylenol and told myself to buck up. When, last night, I awoke in the wee hours with excruciating pain, I decided to call my dentist this morning. He was on vacation, so his receptionist referred me to Dr. Dines.

They had an emergency appointment free, so I arranged for Nana to watch O for a few hours this afternoon, while I had my tangy tooth explored.

I just got home from an emergency root canal.

My whole mouth is numb. Hehehehe...

Apparently, the baby is unaffected by the local anesthesia, and they use a nifty digital x-ray system with half the radiation of the old school method, so between that and the double lead aprons, they got to see that I had a big old mess brewing in my mouth. Lovely.

I get to go back, too. Twice. Due to my delicate condition, Dr. Dines chose not to be totally invasive, and doesn't want to close my file until he can do a full round of carefree x-rays, ie: after the baby is born. The upside to prolonging the treatment is that they are therefore willing to let me pay over time. So the offensive $1325 fee for a root canal is broken up into installments, which only pinch a little.

Never a dull moment.

And don't let them frighten you, intrapulpal anesthesia is no big deal.

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Blogger LisaBe said...

okay, (a) $1,325? holy crap! and (2) what, exactly, is intrapulpal? (i'm afraid to hear the answer.)

8/11/07, 7:51 PM  
Blogger CDG said...

(a) i know... and (b)it's when they shoot a big needle full of anesthesia into the pulpy part of the tooth they've just drilled out. Yipes!

8/12/07, 6:27 PM  
Anonymous laura said...


Here's hoping you feel better soon. I had all my wisdom teeth out and it was awful. I'm terrified of a root canal.

8/13/07, 11:45 AM  
Blogger Ameloblast said...

Hopefully the tooth is feeling better now. Good luck with the rest of the work.

8/16/07, 12:47 PM  

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