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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


OK, so anyone who knows me understands that I am, at the core, a colossal dork.

A few months ago I signed up for the waiting list to beta-test a new website called Ravelry. Today, I got my invitation, and I have pretty much spent every non-O-watching moment of my day today fiddling with my new account.

Basically, it's a knitting and crocheting community site with places for fiberholics to post their projects, patters, yarn stash, etc. There are photos, groups, forums, all the good stuff. And you can peek at what other people are up to! Ooooh! Yum.

Of course, all this fiddling led to a Flickr account to support the photo end of the account, and finally a feed reader (I know, I've been blogging in the stone age). I feel very competent, somehow. And maybe a little caught up?

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