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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One of the Guys

One of my favorite things about being the nanny during periods of renovation here at Lime Street is that I get to be one of the guys. The contractors, who tend to be somewhat deferential and aloof with the client (ie: the money), are much more friendly and gossipy with me - because, like them, I'm the help!

For instance, I know that the lead carpenter is a new grandpa, and that his new grandson, Mason, was born 6 pounds, 9 ounces. I know that the painter, who has the most amazing tattoos on his arms (serious art!), is a single dad, with full custody of his three year old son, and is just starting to date again (Fibby, he's kind of hot and super sweet...). He told me yesterday that he was nervous about an upcoming date because he hadn't been out there in a few years.

I told him to get the kid thing out there if it wasn't already, and then relax and have fun. Having been on the receiving end of the "I have kids" conversation, I firmly believe it should happen before the third date, along with the news that one is still married to their mother... technically. But that's another story for another time.

I know that they all agree with me that the housekeeper is crazy, and that the project manager is a total dink.

I also love that O is one of the guys, too. They all take the time to talk to him, and make him part of the action. The abovementioned carpenter even gave him a toy toolbox, so he could "work" with them.

Speaking of O being one of the guys, this morning, he got to operate the crane that was lifting a new air conditioner condenser onto a neighbor's roof. It was awesome, and he was so thrilled... And the crane operator was such a nice guy to let him up there.

Maybe it's that I spend a lot of time with contractors (and that I married one...), but it pains me to see the way that some people treat these guys. In this neighborhood, laborers are considered second class citizens, like nannies and housekeepers... and it's not fair. That being said, I work for a rare and refreshing exception to the rule, and it's only when other people treat me like that, that I am reminded how much it sucks.

I know, too, that for all of these great guys, there are the crooks, the sleezes, and the slackers, but it stinks that those guys create the standard.

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