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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DeCordova Museum

O&I headed off to enjoy a free visit (thanks to Bank Of America's Museums on Us program) to the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park this morning. It's only about a half hour from Beacon Hill, and with the weather so perfect, it was a great opportunity. He's just young enough not to be bored by a quick museum jaunt, and old enough to find some of the outdoor sculptures intriguing.

We wandered the sculpture park for a while before going into the museum, so we could check out the rooftop terrace, and the kinetic sculpture room (rumored to be best for the under three set). A stop outside on the terrace for a snack fortified us for another wander through the park. O was praticularly interested in the water feature and the musical fence. (Equally interesting were the guy on the commercial lawnmover and the group of school kids touring the park - it's good to be two!)

He was asleep before we even got back to the 5-way stop in the center of Lincoln. By the time we got back to Beacon Hill, he was ready for some tricycling before lunch. To add to the excitement, when we went inside for lunch, Nana dropped in for a visit. A quick lunch and some energetic stack-and-destroy games rounded out the morning, and he dropped off to sleep pretty quickly - hopefully with visions of contemporary art swimming behind his eyes...

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Blogger Bimbimbie said...

.....oh to be two again *!*

Big thank you Cameron - the mags were delivered today and I haven't sighted any of them before so I'm having a quick peep now and then having a proper read this weekend ... I'll get some more off to you bfn Annie

6/5/07, 3:25 AM  

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