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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes I wonder if science and technology are hurtling the human race towards imminent destruction, despite longer lifespans and hybrid cars and vaccinations, but let me tell you, I love me some wireless internet!

It's quarter to twelve on a Sunday morning, and I'm taking a break from housekeeping to check my email, etc (and blog, obviously). While I accomplish these tasks, I'm listening to iTunes, sitting at the table on my deck, while the dogs play in the backyard.

My brother-in-law is due in the next little while, and I really should be vacuuming the carpets upstairs (eeew, cat hair!) and dusting the guest room, just incase he stays over, but the temptation to just stay out here (maybe even blog in the hammock!) is pretty strong.

Later, we're heading up to Stow (MA, no "E," no ski) for the pig roast we've been crashing for five years now, courtesy of our pals, the Morgans.

Right now, I'm pretty content. Mild weather, wireless internet, dogs frolicking in a decent looking yard, an afternoon ahead full of friend and food, babies and picnicking. Good stuff.

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