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Saturday, June 30, 2007


I just watched (hooray for DVR) the series finale of Studio 60. This show has, perversely, been getting progressively better since they announced its cancellation, and these last few episodes, run mostly as summer filler, have been some of the finest. This was the show I'd been waiting for all year, knowing that Aaron Sorkin had it in him with these characters.


I have few enough shows that I can really enjoy - shows that make me laugh and cry and think. To lose one as it comes into its own breaks my heart, though I'm glad they had the decency to wrap it up happily in the end.

Back to Rescue Me on FX, which is at least intelligent and written for actual adults (provided, of course, that you can swallow Denis Leary's colossal ego - which I can, with a grain of salt), until something new and watchable comes along.



Blogger LisaBe said...

I KNOW. i was so sad when i heard that it was going to be cancelled. i was pleased with the finale, though i thought that the very last bit was just a little too tidy. and not very sorkin/schlamme-ish. it would have been better had matt and harriet just decided to be together and ended there. all that permission crap was just saccharin and silly. and not in a good way.

7/30/07, 8:44 PM  

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