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Saturday, August 18, 2007

In Celebrity Stalking News... Bradley Whitford!

Yesterday, I took the three kids to the Museum of Science for a while after their day camp program (conveniently run by the MOS) let out, and while we were there, in the playground physics exhibit, I saw a guy who looked an awful lot like Bradley Whitford. I did a double take, and he smiled at the person he was talking to, and then I knew it was him. (Oh, Mr, Whitford, when are you coming back to television?)

I'm not one to interrupt famous people from living their lives just to satisfy my own curiosity (but I sometimes wish I was...), so I just let it go.

A little while later, on our way up to the Cahners Computer Lab, Jack very nearly walked into him, while he was checking a cell phone or a Blackberry, or something. Again, I did nothing, as he flicked me the "don't worry about it" smile, as folks who understand kids do when kids nearly plow them over in crowded museums.

Mind you, as I admonished Jack for not looking where he was going, my heart was crying, "I loved Studio 60! I'm sorry it didn't fly. Try again, I'll watch!"


Blogger phoebe said...

Be still my heart.

8/21/07, 9:24 PM  
Blogger LisaBe said...

wow. i'm sure i'd have done the same thing (or not done the same thing--you know what i mean). how dreamy he is, too. you could just drown in those dimples. and those crinkles around his eyes that say he smiles and laughs a lot. le sigh.
i keep hoping for another schlamme/sorkin production with all those great cast members. i was so sad when west wing ended and again when studio 60 did. such great writing, directing, acting, lighting...come back!

8/22/07, 4:12 PM  

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