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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Strawberries and Ketchup

It's Tax Day. Have you filed?

Today's adventures include...

...spending an extra minute this morning planning what in my bathroom (Yes, my bathroom. Wanna make something of it?) I was going to vacuum with the object of my objectiphilia the new Dyson.

...teething. Yikes. Like a wild animal. My knuckles are bruised from tiny gums working out their pain.

...finding out that the stoooopid Health Care Mega Corporpation, which accidentally canceled our policy a month before they should have, is now refusing claims made during the disputed period. The upside? We used to owe them a month's premiums. Now, they owe me $33.50. In the end, when I pay the one outstanding claim from the month in question in cash, I'll still have $750 in my pocket from not paying for any premiums that month. More evidence that health care insurance is totally messed up.

...O asking for ketchup for his lunchtime chicken nuggets, and then using it as a topping for his fresh strawberries. The upside? Lycopene and vitamin C, people. Antioxidents like you read about!

...cold calling a new dentist to get a crown done on the root canal tooth, since my previous dentist doesn't accept our new dental coverage, and crowns are not cheap.

...discovering that I walk 1.5 to 2 miles every day just around the house and neighborhood. I bought a pedometer this past weekend, and it's been such a great addition to my routine. I'm walking a little more to rack up the steps and get Activity Points added back into my day, and with the pedometer I can actually figure it out, and see my progress as I go. In any case, I feel that any step I can take to get control of my weight loss efforts is a good step.

...noticing that despite everyone hyping Boston's new status as Tinseltown by the Charles, the catering company servicing the filming near the Common is based from LA, New York, and Nashville. Improving the local economy, my left ear.

And just think, it's only just the early afternoon.

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