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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

Spring Break!

Words that once inspired thoughts of travel, of a possible break from study and papers, of reunions with old friends, are now words that make me quiver in my pink and yellow polka dot rain boots. It's been chilly and rainy these last two days, and %75 of the kids under my care are sick with some kind of cold, so we've been a little housebound.

But on Tuesday, did we have a good time!

I took the kids to the Ecotarium in Worcester, and despite its modest scope, it was a great fit for my crew. It was science-y enough for Big Brother J, there were live furry animals to watch and learn about for Miss E, and a train ride around the property for O. As a bonus, my mom came out to play with us - Lisa is always a treat!

The picture was taken while the kids were all watching the live chinchilla demonstration. Chinchilla!



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