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Friday, March 07, 2008


O turned three yesterday, and what a day it was.

He met with his speech therapist, and they sang "Happy Birthday," counted birthday candles, and she gave him a firetruck as a present.

Mrs. Boss's mother took him to the Science Museum and out for a snack at his favorite watering hole, Starbucks (Yes, it's true. He asks everyday to go there.).

He and I decorated his birthday cake. I supervised the frosting, we split sprinkles duties, and he placed all the decorations on top. I am particularly fond of the random firefighter duckie. He and I also baked the actual cakes on Tuesday (O is quite skilled at dumping ingredients into a bowl, stirring, and egg breaking!), so this cake is authentically the work of a guy who just turned three. Not too shabby. Maybe this is the start of a boutique business?

Felix celebrated by wearing his party clothes, and doesn't he just look like a tiny old man?

And then, Happy Birthday to Me, I got the day off today, since Grandma and Grandpa are taking O for the day!

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Blogger Mrs. G. said...

Did someone say birthday cake?

3/8/08, 10:05 PM  
Blogger Alta Dantzler said...

he does look like a little old man! so sweet. And such drama you had.... what fun!

3/9/08, 1:17 PM  

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