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Monday, February 04, 2008

What Happened to WBOS?

I know the rest of Boston is sad about the Pats lying down for the Giants last night (I blame Gisele for distracting Tom - now Jessica can relax, she's not the only star girlfriend to wreck a guy's game), but I'm sad because where one used to find WBOS's web site, they now find this.

Yes, I listen to my iPod a lot in the car, but every few days I like to tune in to the radio, especially in the morning, and catch up on new releases, etc... To get the Beastie Boys and STP in the first five minutes of my morning was not what I expected.

Some of the new programming is stuff I listened to in high school and college, so that's cool, but it's not well thought outor organized, there doesn't seem to be any focus on new artists (so far, maybe they'll surprise me...), and there are no DJs. Normally, I'd say that was a good thing, since bonehead disc jocks are a scourge here in the Hub, but I liked Dana Marshall. I liked George Knight. They knew and cared about the music, and sharing things they knew. They hyped local small shows, and intrigued me about regional artists - even some that they didn't play regularly.

Now, I've switched the dial to 92.5, The River, but I lose their signal as soon as I get close to the Charles River (oddly coincidental). That's a solid third of my commute, so where else am I going to find the music I like?

Greater Media, you suck. This was like giving me a flat tire. Totally deflated my drive in to work.

And, as I posted here, does anyone know where George Knight and Dana Marshall landed?



Blogger Kate said...

Found your blog b/c I was trying to find out WTF happened to WBOS as well. Friggin bummer. I will miss that station, and The River 92.5 doesn't come in as well as it should.

Then I noticed you have a pug. And I saw the picture of your pug wearing the Orange Lands End Squall Jacket. My pug has the same jacket, and refuses to pee when it's cold out. What a riot!

I'll keep reading your blog. I'm a new fan.

2/4/08, 8:29 PM  
Blogger Another Kate! said...


I immediately typed in "what happened to WBOS?" after the rude awakening of hearing the awful new format in the car today after work, and found your blog... and had to commiserate.

I can't even begin to explain to anyone who wasn't a regular listener what a loss it really is. 92.5 will be a crutch in the meantime (where the reception is good), but it isn't the same. I do hope Dana and George and Holly Harris find a new spot on the dial quickly... I feel like I didn't even get to say goodbye!

I am truly, truly sad about it. And way more earth-shattering than the Super Bowl loss, I agree.

By the way, your "letters to Al Gore" blog is fabulous (and hilarious)! Thanks for making me smile after the bad radio news.

2/4/08, 11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radio makes me sad sometimes. Let me know if you find a good substitute.

Not related, but are you and the muffin still up for a late lunch someday? Email me.

2/8/08, 11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe the BOS format is gone! What a shame. I agree, the DJ's did a great job, cared about the music, and we knew what/who was new around town. Although we can't get this station in the Boston area, try streaming WMVY at work or home. They are based on the Vinyeard and it is a fantastic station. On par with the old BOS (or even a bit better!).

2/13/08, 10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, I meant the option to edit a comment. ;-)

2/13/08, 10:17 AM  

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