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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to Work

If Mary Poppins herself had also been a mother, would she have transported her offspring in that carpet bag? "Well, darlings, we're off to rescue another family from spoilt children and absentee fathers. Come along, dears, into the bag you go. Oh, do watch out for that hat rack as you go!"

If only it was that simple.

It is however, not quite as complicated, or as exhausting, as I'd fretted it might be.

Felix and I have come in to work since Tuesday. We're done today, because the bosses don't want me burning out in the first stretch and giving up, which I truly appreciate, and the woman who's filled my shoes these last nine weeks has been here most of the time, too. It's almost like having a nanny for the nanny :)

On the home front, the Great Rewiring Project of Late 2007 is coming towards a close, and it can't happen soon enough. Having a half finished house is one thing, so long as the finished half looks finished. When the finished half has holes, open switch boxes, and capped wiring sticking out of the walls, it can get slightly annoying. I can't even harangue the contractor too much, since he's also Felix's dad, and my husband, and a stand-up guy, who leaves his job only to come home to more of the same.

Perhaps we're both cursed that way?

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