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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Nitty Gritty of the New Year

To avoid resolutions and the usual trotting out of platitudes, I've stayed away from public introspection on this here blog during the New Year's Eve/New Year's Day double whammy, and I'll stand by that choice. Suffice it to say, 2007 was lovely. It was also good, bad, ugly, and altogether a year in my life. I have high hopes for 2008. Moving on.

On this, the 2nd of the year, Felix and I are having my morning coffee in the kitchen, pondering my return to work, which quite suddenly looms in front of me. Not that permanent housewifedom would suit me, but I've really enjoyed most of the last eight weeks. Not the all night crying jags, the endless feeding sessions that go nowhere, and the swamping sense of isolation that drives women to go the mall for stimulation, but the chance to actually see Mark during the workweek, the chance to play with my little boy (which largely constitutes me making silly faces at him, and puffing into his belly button, but you get my drift...), and the extra time to get some projects done around the house. And then there are the projects I haven't gotten done... and we're back to the looming.

I am excited about getting back out into the world with my little guy. I miss my work friends, and the kids, and the foolishness of Beacon Hill. I'm nervous as hell about the long hours, and how that's going to affect Mark, never mind me. He's gotten pretty used to having us around. I'm afraid, somewhere in the back of my mind, that I won't be able to hack it, and I'll be looking for a job or contemplating single income living before the year's out, and neither one of those prospects in particularly attractive.

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