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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To Wear or Not To Wear: Something On One's Bottom Half

By the time I'm done with the 2007 holiday knitting, it will be time to start on 2008.

It's an absolute truth, people. I just cast on for yet another belated gift. This one I hope to have on its way to Maine by Valentine's Day. Merry Valentinmas?

I've still got a scarf, two pairs of fingerless gloves, and a golf club cover to do after this. There's also Felix's baby blanket on needles, and three other projects from last summer that I abandoned in favor of holiday knitting. Hmmmm... When will I get to knit all the socks I want to try?

Yesterday, while I finished Miss E's hat, she spent the day in a t-shirt and undies, complaining of the cold, and hoarding blankets on the couch. When I, ever so foolishly, suggested pants, she looked at me like I was a single-cell life form, and said, "I don't have to wear pants in the house."

While this is, technically, true, I was irritated by her tone, and reminded her that pants, while not strictly required, would keep her warm, and away from the confines of the couch. No luck. Pantless, she continued to complain, and I continued to be unsympathetic.

Did I mention that the house is heated to a balmy 72 degrees? Bet she'd wear pants at my house... we keep it at 62 degrees.

She had opted to stay home with O, Felix, and I while their Dad took Big Brother J skiing at Mount Sunapee for the day. I think she somehow thought a day home would be nonstop excitement. I had been looking forward to a quiet day with the little boys, largely occupied by playing trains and trucks, knitting, and napping, so needless to say, she was mildly disappointed. Miss E is a great one for needing entertainment. Recently, she's started reading chapter books, which helps, but heaven help a nanny if she hasn't got a bagful of suggestions when the reading no longer cuts it. At 6, *my* Mom sent me to play with my toys until I was called for lunch, and made me take an hour's rest after lunch before being sent off to play again until supper. She also asked that we wear something on our bottom half, and I feel I had quite a nice upbringing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pinata making. Take a toilet paper tube, two circles of contruction paper, string, some tissue paper, elmer's glue, one piece of candy and a pencil.

Cut the tissue paper into squares. Get child to wrap tissue around the eraser end of the pencil, dip into elmers glue, and stick onto tube. Repeat until child grows bored or pinata looks fuzzy. Make a small hole in tube, poke string through cardboard tube and knot.

Seal either end of tube by gluing on construction paper circles, putting single piece of candy inside. Draw face on one end of tube, or add construction paper head. Take child outside with bat and let him/her beat on the thing until he/she is tired and/or gets the candy.

When I was doing child care this gave the best return on investment - four hours of peaceful activity. Downside: gets glue everywhere. Put down newspaper.

1/23/08, 1:31 PM  
Blogger CDG said...

ok, so i love that just one piece of candy goes in the pinata. fabulous!

1/24/08, 8:54 AM  

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