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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Good Saturday

I've got some hot chocolate next to my Mac this morning, looking out the kitchen window at the wet snow plopping out of the sky. I just let Amelie in from a romp in the muddy snowy yard. Felix had a good night last night, and i don't have to make dinner we're having dinner with the inlaws.

Things I should do today: laundry, sweep the floors, organize the wilderness of toys that has sprung up in our living room and dining room, clean the upstairs bathroom, and deal with the squalor here in the kitchen.

Now you see why I'm looking out the window.

Things I will actually do today: blush like a debutante because Mrs. G linked to my blog. Take a much deserved shower and perhaps wash the baby, too. Update my reads list, since it's sadly out of date...

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