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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Memoria in aeterna

I signed the authorization for my fifth iPod this morning.

Yep, fifth.

My first iPod was a Christmas gift from Mark in 2003. Just a few months later, the headphone jack didn't work, so I got a refurbished one as a replacement. That one was water damaged in my bag, and had to be replaced. Then, Maurice ate the screen on the third one.

When the screen finally gave in, months later, Mark bought me a new one. My fourth one. It's a 5th Generation, and he bought it just as the iPhone was taking the world by storm (so he got a good deal). On Saturday, the battery failed in a catastrophic way.

After several attempts at restoring it, updating it, resetting it, crying over it, and swearing a lot, I took it to the nice folks at the genius bar, and they examined the faulty Pod.

Turns out, the battery was indeed defective. Since they didn't have a refurbished one in stock for me, they ordered one, which I should have a few days. So, I will trade number four for number five, and hope that this one outlasts it's fallen brethren.

Requiescat in pace,



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