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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Dog Ate My iPod...

Call me Alexander, because yesterday started off as one terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad day. It ended rather well, but I'll get to that later. I woke to Mark shouting at the dog, wandered downstairs and found my husband and my dog, both looking like they were anticipating sleeping in the dog house. Turns out, while Mark was out for a few minutes, the dog got onto to the kitchen table, and pulled my purse over. He decided my iPod looked tasty and chewed on the screen to confirm his suspicions. Mmmmm, neoprene skin and yummy iPod lcd screen...

It still works, and is now sporting a fabulous "giant-wind-storm-on-Jupiter" motif. Everyone will want one when word of this gets out, and, as Fibby pointed out later, at least it wasn't a Video iPod!

After two tries, I finally had a passable birthday cake for my brother-in-law, who was coming over to join our Stupidbowl posse. I burned/undercooked the first cake, broke the buttercream, and then didn't have the right proportions for my whipped ganache. Boo. Reviews were fine on the final product, but let me tell you, I seriously considered winging a Delonghi mixer out my kitchen window at least once.

Though the Fabulous L&T bailed just before game time, due to overindulgence and air travel over the weekend, it was ok that we were a small party for the game; just Mark & I, Jason, and Fibby, who brought her knitting for the game! We feasted on oysters, chips and salsa, and cake. We cheered for the Bears and cried over the Colts' victory, and remarked that while Prince's halftime performance was, in fact, better that the last few Stupidbowl shows, it was a rather unremarkable offering. Take me back to the year U2 played halftime. As well as continuing with the Banff sweater (see below), I also got all of our wedding photos sorted and into albums. Organization, here I come!

Saturday was s'posed to be a quiet day; lunch with my friend AM, an afternoon of cooking and homey chores, and then a night of babysitting in Beacon Hill, but we ended up heading to Rhode Island to visit Mark's aunt in the hospital. She was failing pretty severely then, but since we've heard that she's improved a little, and has been awake and even spoken a little. All we can do is hope and pray in our own way.

I did babysit on Saturday, and the kids and I had a nice evening, and I got started on my Banff sweater. I had to swatch a bunch of times before I got close to the right gauge, and I still am a little off on the row gauge, so I'm going to have to proceed with caution. Right now I'm just loving the colorway and hand of this yarn. Happy Me!

Back at work this morning, I was tired... apparently 11pm is too late for my almost 30 year old bones. I was also cold! Drafty old houses here in Beacon Hill. Luckily the sweater knitting is keeping my hands warm.

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Blogger dasein668 said...

Bah! The U2 show was so prissy, smarmy, and overwrought. Blech. Too much 911 righteousness. It made me want to puke. The whole thing just tried too hard to be emotionally charged. F-A-K-E!

And I love U2.

2/5/07, 11:06 PM  
Blogger Rian said...

Humbug, indeed, Dasein!! U2 did what they always do: Deliver a tremendous show that played to the stadium AND the TV audience. Nearly impossible, in my book.

I thought U2 was about as tasteful a show as I can imagine 4 months after the thing. God, what if it had been friggin Timberlake?? How insincere would THAT have been?

Prince was awesome. As my friend Al said, He didn't even get wet! And no-one else would have the courage to wear a Kercheef to the most "manly" event in North America. And SMF can Pa-lay the guitar, no? Both were great, but U2 blew my socks off. I'm with you, CDG.

2/6/07, 12:59 PM  
Blogger dasein668 said...

Hey, I've been censored! (My last post didn't post... I shall recreate for the edification of the masses! ;-D ):

I certainly didn't mean to imply that Timberlake would have been a better choice!

I just didn't find their (by "they" I mean the SB producers) choices to be particularly moving. Perhaps I am just too jaded. Probably so. But the whole SB just felt too overwrought and it just didn't do it for me. Except, of course, for the fact that the good guys won!

As for Prince... yeah, I guess I really didn't realize he could play. Not like that, anyway!

2/7/07, 9:56 AM  
Blogger CDG said...

Had I but known the controversy at hand as regards to the Stupidbowl... does no one have anything to say about the fact that my iPod recently survived a dog attack? Meh.

2/7/07, 1:15 PM  
Blogger dasein668 said...

Nope. Nothing. I can hardly recognize it as an iPod!

*insert feces-eating-grin here*

2/7/07, 1:58 PM  

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