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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Moonites Attack Boston!

OK, so I know I'm not s'posed to find possible terr'st attacks on the Hub funny, but I do. There I said it.

Turns out the so-called "suspicious packages" affixed to various locales around Boston are a stylish, tongue-in-cheek promotional move from the creators of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." For those of you unfamiliar with this late night cartoon offering, it's the ridiculous misadventures of three housemates (anthropomorphic Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad). Don't ask, just watch.

Anyway, the suspicious items were magnetic, self-lit ads containing the Moonite character from the show, and from the sound of the evening news coverage, they've been in town for a while now... My man on the inside says the Moonites in question are flipping the general public off, causing them to be blurred on TV. I haven't seen them myself, but I'll be keeping an eye out, that's for sure!

added 01 February, 2007: my good man on the inside recorded a newscast that had footage of the ad. i still don't see it. i tried to see a bomb scare, and all I saw was something I'd be curious about, in a "I'll Google that when I get home" kinda way... Homeland Security will never hire me now.

Mayhem ensued, people. Public transport halted and evacuated, major roadways cleared and closed, traffic flow pandemonium, panic in the hearts of local officials. I mean, conceptually, it's scary, but at what point did investigators say, "Can anyone say when this went up?" or "Does anyone recognize this pixillated guy?" or "Hey cool!" before detonating them?

I'm quite sure trickle-down mayhem will cause my commute some kind of issue, even if it's only that everyone is on personal high-alert, causing the acute onset of Bostonian-Asshole-Driving Disease. Yippee.

At least they detonated the ads before they could do any real damage.



Blogger dasein668 said...

Good work by the authorities... it only took two weeks for them to notice these things? I sure feel safer now!

That beyond, of course, just how out of touch with pop culture these peeps are.

1/31/07, 7:02 PM  

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