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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ambition, Japanese Yarn Lust, and Flamenco

OK, so, has anyone else heard Rodrigo Y Gabriela? Their song "Tamacun" has been in heavy rotation for a bit on 92.9 here in Boston, and I am a fan. Who knew Mexican emigres in Dublin, playing flamenco guitar influenced by Metallica would sound so good!

Today is my last day of work this week, as Grandma and Grandpa are coming for four days while M&D are away! As long as everyone is all set when I leave tonight, I can go about my merry way. I'm hoping that, in addition to some organizational projects (listed below), I can get some serious knitting done on the mystery gifty project. I've promised myself that I will finish this one before I can start the Banff Sweater with my new Big Kureyon.

My organizational projects:
1. Sort and chronologize (word? no....) my prints.
2. Sort and order prints from digital files, the archive said files on giant backup hard drive.
4. Set my music collection up on the aforementioned giant backup hard drive, so as to free up some of my computer's memory to, say, run programs, etc?
3. Go through the crap in the upstairs closet that never got unpacked when we moved, figure out what, if anything, we still like or plan to use, and set the rest aside for the spring yard sale I'm dying to have.

Miss E and I had an American Girl doll party this afternoon, since I finally found my doll in the last boxes to come out of my parents' house. I hauled her, with all her accessories, into work today, and while E was in school, washed the clothes and scraped the tangles out of Samantha's hair, so she would be fit for socializing with Felicity after school. The dolls had tea, Miss E entertained them with a dance and recorder recital, and they did some serious period clothing swapping.

I cannot reiterate often enough how freaking exciting my life is, and yet, apparently unlike the rest of America, I'm OK with this life. I don't particularly want fame (or infamy), and I'm not going to waste my time looking for it when there are amazing things that happen to me every day. I read this article this morning, and it just kind of bugged me. I wholeheartedly support folks with marketable talent going out there and doing it (a number of them are my friends and acquaintances, after all), but I fear a culture raised to believe that celebrity is the ultimate achievement. It's a little Darwinian, I think... the human race is catapulting towards extremes in every corner of its existence, and becoming more and more self destructive along the way. If this crazy auditioning subculture is representative of a larger truth, I think we're in some serious trouble.

I hope I can raise these kids, and my own eventual offspring to appreciate a simple life, even while they live a life less ordinary - I think the two can be the same, if you try...

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Blogger dasein668 said...

Hey, not bad. They sound good. And where the Gypsy Kings cover of Hotel California is humorous, RyG's cover of Stairway to Heaven is really quite thoughtful.

1/26/07, 8:34 AM  
Blogger dasein668 said...

Paula Abdul said: "Anybody can be famous now," "It's like a disease."

Yeah, a disease alright. A disease you're feeding with your stupid American Idol, you freak!

Sheesh. I hate people.

1/26/07, 8:39 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

appreciate a simple life, even while they live a life less ordinary - I think the two can be the same, if you try...

This is something I see a lot of people struggling with, and have struggled with myself. I think it's like Gardener's theory of multiple intelligences. People focus so much on promoting just one type of intelligence (logical-mathematical, the test-taking ability) that they don't give respect to kinesthetic or spatial intelligence (which are just as necessary).

People need to acknowledge a "theory of multiple accomplishments". Instead of just fame or wealth as criteria for success, we should admire successes in other, less obvious areas. Turning your home into an especially visually welcoming place. Making a perfect souffle. Knowing yourself intimately. Being truly content with what you have, rather than settling for whatever you can get. We, as a society, say we admire these things, but there is always an implication that fame and money are better.

Ok, this is rambling on. Perhaps I shall go put it in my own journal, sometime when I am not supposed to be working. :)

1/29/07, 12:31 PM  

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