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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Aha! Lake Placid

Sometimes, I'm astounded at my own dumbness (a word? no? I thought not...). You see, a few posts back, I was wondering where I was for 12/31/99 and 12/31/00. I remembered last night in the car, driving home from work. A song came around on fryPod that I got as part of a mixtape (tape!) from my friend Becs. She gave a copy to everyone that was up in Lake Placid that for the New Year that winter.

Both years, I was at my friend Brooke's house in Lake Placid for the turning of the year. That's where I was. And now I'm vaguely horrified that I forgot that. They were both great nights/weekends, and sometimes I miss those friends more than I'm capable of expressing.

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