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Monday, January 08, 2007

And a Happy Monday Morning to Everyone, Too!

Oh! the traffic is back...


Enough about that.

It was a nice weekend, and a shockingly social one for the two of us (as we retreat further into our cave). We got my parents' old stove/range and microwave, as they have replaced all their kitchen appliances, so Mark spent Saturday rewiring the stove outlet and installing everything, before we loaded up our old stove and motored up to visit out friends, P&A (and C&7, too!) Mark installed their "new" stove, and we got pizza and hung out until it was time to go home for bed.

We spent Sunday pottering about. I cleaned, Mark worked a little and watched some of the Pats game, I knitted, and then we cleaned up to head west for my parents' annual January open house. After some schmoozing with my parents' friends and my cousins (mmmm, Carter's tasty brains!), we grabbed some Vietnamese and went home to veg on the couch with the pug.

OK, so "shockingly social" very likely equals "incredibly boring" for the rest of you, but we like it that way for the most part...

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