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Monday, January 29, 2007

Missions Somewhat Accomplished

I started out my four day weekend with high hopes for keeping busy. I didn't count on two days of the coldest temperatures we've seen in two years. The last time it was this cold, I lived in a small apartment with enormous cast iron radiators. That = warm. My drafty, partially renovated house = freezing, so more time than I anticipated was spent under the warm blanket on the couch. I watched few movies, ranging from bad to ugh to shockingly-not-terrible. "First Daughter," "The Lake House," Talladega Nights," "The Devil Wears Prada" (best of the lot, by far!), and "Hope Floats."

I did, however, get some of my projects underway. I sorted and culled the prints, stashed the negatives, sorted and ordered prints, and got ready for a marathon photo album session. I spelunked in the closet upstairs, opening boxes that have packed since Medford, and eevn a few of Mark's that have been packed since Cambridge (he moved in with me in September of 2003, for the record). Oh, the things we unearthed, and let me tell you about the yard sale we're going to have in the spring!

I'm further along on the mystery gifty knitted project, too.

I haven't dealt with my music yet, since I'm admittedly a little attached to having it all here at my fingertips, as opposed to archived away on my external drive. But my iBook needs it's space back. It really does. 15+ gigs of music on a 40 gig drive is cruel. And I love my iBook. So, I must make this sacrifice, as there is not cash to upgrade the system in any way right now.

We visited Mark's Grandma yesterday, as she's home from the hospital for the second time this month, and not allowed to drive. We figured she could use a therapy pug for a few hours. It was hard to see her health and morale slipping, especially given that his aunt is still very ill, and while she's improved enough that she's out of imminent danger, she's not likely to make a strong recovery of any kind.

It's a lot to think about.

Of course, being back at work after four days, I'm mostly thinking about how difficult it is to have any kind of dynamic conversation with someone who understands everything and says nothing. Still so frustrating!

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