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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tomatoes: Strong Like Bull

A few weeks ago, Veronique gave me three tomato seedlings. My understanding is that these seedlings came from actual seeds from actual tomatoes that they bought and didn't finish eating, but she'll have to comment to clarify. I was in a hurry, so she wrapped them together in damp paper towel, and they traveled home to the Ham in a Whole Foods plastic bag (which is, of course, now an antique!). I put the whole traveling bag-plant-thingy on my back deck with every intention of buying some organic growing material the very next day, but what do you know, life got in the way.

Two weeks later, I finally managed to get the plants into a lovely outdoor pot that we got for our wedding, hand thrown by a friend of the gifter. Yes, they lived for two weeks in a plastic bag.

Then, just as I get them safely into a pot, we have a heat wave. Five days of hazy,. hot, and humid, with temperatures in the 90's. Suffice it to say it was unseasonable weather. Yikes.

But, though small, here they are, two of the original three seedlings, growing!



Blogger veronique said...

ooh a call to arms.
the tomatoes i gave you were in part tomatoes we hadn't finished and in part real tomato seeds, that we bought all proper from the seed store. i hope they grow up awesome!

6/13/08, 10:54 AM  

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