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Monday, February 09, 2009

Rough Inspection Retrospection

To commemorate the occasion of the remodel passing its rough inspections yesterday, I'd like to offer a gallery of it's progress over the last four years. It's a very image heavy post, so just keep scrolling:

This is what the front living room looked like when we first looked at it. Bland, and with awful carpeting, but not overly offensive.
Here it is again, with the carpet ripped up and some building materials instead of a couch.
Completely gutted. Still with the old windows. Like a genius, I forgot to photograph it from this angle with the new stud walls, plywood subfloor, and windows.

Here's the original staircase (with the previous owner's sweet amps - divorced guy with braces and an electric guitar!)

Note the lack of amps and walls, for that matter...
No stairs at all!!
New stairs, and a wall framed for the built-in we're planning for coats and shoes, etc.

The window and laundry closet, in the same room, catty corner to the couch. I wish I could express the grossness of the carpeting, but it would pale to what we found underneath it later.
The laundry closet, with our new washer and dryer, before we took everything apart.
And the walls start tumbling down.
This is the same view as two photos up, the one with the two vacuums in it, after new walls and windows, and before the space was subdivided for bath/laundry and office.
Here's the same view, but with the subdivision framed, and the washer and dryer in their new homes. That's a shower stall there on the right.

The space we carved up was a big, mildly L shaped space with a chimney smack in the middle. This is the bend in the L, with the laundry to the right and the front window behind. Pre-demolition, obviously.
Here's the same space, from the subdivision wall. It's going to be a small office/library.

This happened to every wall involved in the project, but this photo was the most dramatic. Note the old post and beam style framing we found. Turns out this part of the house is a lot older than the rest of it. It's like architectural archaeology.
Here's the dumpster we rented, which Mark packed very carefully to make sure we didn't go over the top (there would have been a fee...).



Anonymous LoserInc said...

I can't imagine Mark's work not passing inspection, so meticulous is he! It's weird to see pictures of the room with furniture in it :)

2/10/09, 4:29 PM  
Blogger CDG said...

Especially since the furniture in the pictures isn't even ours! The only time we've had furniture in there was when we moved in. Remember shoving everything in the front door in the pouring rain?

2/10/09, 4:40 PM  
Anonymous Alta Marie said...

you guys are tearing it up! literally!

I hope that you are full of hope and expectation for new standing up house!

2/11/09, 8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy crapola! that's super impressive... (auntie Kate, imaginary)

2/11/09, 10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! You have done a ton of work!!! Finally renovation photos just for me. :) samm

2/12/09, 2:19 PM  

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