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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At Least He Doesn't Like the Taste of Bland

Picky eaters make me crazy. If you know me, or you've read this for long enough, you know that. I can't stand to hear children say, "I don't like that," when I know for a fact they've never before been presented with whatever it is. More offensive even is hearing those four evil words when they've eaten and enjoyed whatever is in front of them before.

And contrary to current parenting trends I've observed (in my ever-so-scientific way), I don't believe my child should run my life, and I do believe that within reason, children should eat what they're offered. I don't run a restaurant. I am the adult.

Imagine my frustration with my own darling son, who, despite my best efforts to present him with variety of good foods, and limit his exposure to junk, basically exists on dried fruit and milk, and refuses 90% of the protein I put in front of him, be it animal or vegetable.


Last week, in a moment of supreme weakness, I bought him one of those Gerber Graduates TV dinners meals. I thought, what the hell, it's designed for picky todders, right? So what if it smells like nothing and sodium. I dutifully microwaved it, got him set in his chair with his bib and spork, and watched him watch the microwave with anticipatory delight.

I put down the bowl. He sporked up some lunch and shoveled it in. He opened his mouth, and let it all fall out onto his bib. In the end, I fed him some leftover brown rice with peas and a couple handfuls of freeze dried strawberries, and felt much better about myself, even though most of the rice and peas ended up going to the dogs via the floor. He may not have a broad range yet, but at least he doesn't like the taste of bland.



Blogger Cara said...

I ate nothing but ricotta and banana for the longest time. There was nothing my mother could do to make me eat anything else. And now as an adult I love almost everything. Go figure. :)

3/24/09, 6:59 PM  
Blogger fibby said...

I wish that blogger had a "likes this" link to click. I have had that instinct with a few of your most recent posts and no brain power to write an intelligent comment.

"Fibby likes this!"

3/24/09, 9:57 PM  

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