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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Day

I had a great post in my head this morning while I was walking with the dog, but it was gone by the time I got to my computer.

Oh, well.

It's been a good day. Amelie & I walked 3 miles, had my teeth cleaned and my hair cut, then spent the afternoon with Felix at my parents house, and came home to find that the wall board is almost done. No more exposed studs!

Now the munchkin is sleeping, Mark's on his way home with Indian take out, and I'm still on track for the week in terms of my weight loss goals!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you!!!! I just came back from walking Angus, our shihtzu, and then Ruby, who is a puppy yet. She's a shihtzu/bichon cross. She met another dog and flailed around shrieking in fear! Arghh!!! Time to go to obedience just for the dog meetups and someone who knows what to do to help her!!! samm

3/16/09, 4:11 PM  

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