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Thursday, March 12, 2009

There Was Something Pink In Her Eye

Apparently, on Monday, O told his Dad that his friend Ava had stayed home from school because there was something pink in her eye.

Why no one mentions these things to me is a mystery.

Yesterday, when I went to pick O up at preschool, his teacher let me in on the big secret; 4 kids were out with something pink in their eyes, and O had white goop oozing out of his tears ducts.

Le sigh.

I called Dad and the pediatrician, and went home to preach clean hands, and no eye touching.

This morning, we're all gunk-free for the moment, but O still needs to be seen by the Doctor before he can go back to school. Yay.

MoMP's lesson du jour: if your preschooler says someone had something pink her eye, don't dismiss it.

Of course, this whole thing makes me giggle a little, because, back when I was the CIT Director at camp, and pals with the camp director, when we were having a bad day, she would joke that we should hit the infirmary, find a kid with pink eye (because with 100 kids in camp, there was sure to be one), touch their eyes, touch our own eyes, and have to go home for a few days until the contagion passed.

Oh, that that were the case now. Now I have to wash my hands and hope that there's nothing pink in Felix's eyes. Or mine for that matter...



Anonymous Tara said...


3/12/09, 11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of our little ones at school went home to tell mummy that some kids had "headlights". Mummy was baffled!! Makes my head itch to remember!! My head would itch when I saw the health nurses arrive to do head checks. :) Psychosomatic headlights. samm

3/12/09, 1:34 PM  

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