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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


La Famille MoMP spent the recent long weekend in the woods of Maine. We went up to stay with Mark's aunt and uncle, who live in Peru, Maine. Mark was hanging some cabinets for them, so I had nothing to do but enjoy myself and lookout for Felix. It was great. I did neither cooking nor cleaning (except for tidying up after the monkey and doing a few dishes), and it was blissful. I also spent an afternoon with an old, dear friend and her husband, son, and cat (who leads a double life as a feline assassin and spy), in nearby Turner, Maine. Our sons are about eight weeks apart, so they're approaching the point where they'll be able to play together. For now, we at least got them playing in the same room!

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Anonymous Tara said...

It was great to have you! The Master Assassin sends his regards.

2/26/09, 9:29 AM  

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