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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh, Wait! Is That the Sun?

It is sunny here. Actual sunshine! The weather man says it won't last long, so I have a few things around the house that need doing.

~Prune the rhododendron before it sets new buds.
~Prune the azaleas before they set new buds.
~Tie back the rose before it eats the mailman.
~Weed my perennial beds.
~Kill the burdock that's choking the driveway perimeter. (This may involve tools larger than a garden spade.)

Along with the outdoorsy stuff:

~Shop for the Father's Day dinner I'm hosting tonight.
~Dust & vacuum.
~Make said Father's Day dinner.
~Host said Father's Day dinner.
~Clean the bathrooms. (long suffering sigh)
~Keep the Monkey out of his Dada's way while he gets trim and more lighting fixtures up in the remodel!
~Seam up the knitting project that's been languishing these many months.



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