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Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Happiest Place On Earth

About a month ago now, La Famille MoMP was at Disney World for a six day family trip with Gramma, Grampa, Uncle Jamie, Aunty Dy, Rylee & Ayden. We stayed at the Disney Vacation CLub Villas at the Beach and Yacht Club Resort. It was pretty nice... especially the sand bottomed pool - complete with faux beach!

Our first morning out, we had breakfast with Pooh and friends at the Crystal Palace. Pooh and Tigger were a big hit!
Felix liked the teacups, and he liked them fast and twirly! Mark took him on a half dozen times. I took a few rides off to take pictures:

During the Pangani Forest Trail, the little monkey stole my glasses and put them on all by himself!

Our last night there, we went to the Spirit of Aloha dinner show at (Mark's favorite) the Polynesian Resort. Felix was a fan of leiis.



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