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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sadly, Disappointed.

*the following is a letter I sent to L.L.Bean regarding their new Signature Line, which can be viewed here. I've said some of this before, but I guess I have to keep shouting into the darkness on this issue.

Dear L.L. Bean,

I've been a loyal customer since I was old enough to look through the catalogues that came to my parents. I've skied on, snowshoed in, lounged in, toted with, even had your sheets on my bed. I love your products and your stores: your customer service is like no other.

I've loved the modern updates to your women's clothing lines over the years, and your choice to sell in extended sizes. My only complaint was that some of your best designs you never offered for those of us who might not conform to the frankly arbitrary size and shape restrictions of the fashion industry.

Imagine my delight when the LL Bean SIgnature catalogue arrived on my doorstep. Updated classics, clean lines, gorgeous fabrics, modern cuts! I very nearly cried when I discovered that not one item was available larger than a size 18.

But wait! The internet! That's where the other size options will be, right? No luck.

Does the clothing industry assume that because some women (men, too, but this is about women's clothing this time) have large frames/food issues/baby weight or whatever other reasons/excuses for their apparently nonconforming bodies, that they do not want, appreciate, or need attractive clothing, nor would they be willing to pay for quality pieces from a company they trust?

Perhaps, but I would have thought better of L.L. Bean.
More sincerely than you can imagine,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love LLB too. I'll never ever be without a pair of Bean Boots, as I call mine. Wish I could have added my signature to your letter!!! samm

3/18/10, 10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the launch stage of the collection, we had to start with a narrower size range. As we grow the business we plan on offering additional sizes.

Sorry we couldn't meet your needs now. Thank you for your feedback.

Chris Vickers, VP Signature

3/18/10, 9:05 PM  
Blogger CDG said...

Classy as always, LLBean, for commenting on my tiny blog! I've got some more musings on this topic, but I'm glad to have at least made myself heard.

As I said, customer service 2nd to none!

3/23/10, 8:32 AM  

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